How the Author’s Path Started – Brian Masters

Note: I feel you need to know about me, the author of the blogs and the book, Roads to Addiction – Highways to Recovery. The events below led to daily drinking, loneliness, depression, anxiety, fear, and a feeling of desperation. Through the events, people, educators, and other factors, my path has changed. NOW, let’s work together and prevent young people and adults from taking the wrong path.

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Hit Bottom? Live With It!

When you choose to drink and take drugs (of any kind) you have taken a step toward an addictive path. By making this choice you could enter the subculture. It is a fact I have learned from events I experienced, those that I met, addiction consultants, and friends who lost loved ones.  You have no friends in the subculture!

No matter your age, race, nationality, or gender, your actions make you vulnerable. So let me spell it out: Continue reading “Hit Bottom? Live With It!”

Wrong Decision

As time went on, I continued to stay with family, friends, and in my car. Living with family and friends can only go so far. At this point, even the closest people do not need to see depression and drinking (D&D) increase. Fact is, they will distance themselves from you. A common statement I would hear was, “We would like to see the person we knew 3 years ago.” Hell, I wanted to be the old me.

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Moving and Sex – Poor Decision

In late 2013, I moved out of my apartment in Amnything because I had run out of money. This was the time to move back to New York State and stay with friends and family. I had approximately $18,000 dollars left out of $400,000 in cash and real estate. But I delayed my decision due to my relationship with Esther Blackman from Unionville The Real People you Read About. Esther was a lady I thought I needed–no drama. She became dependent on my friendship and repeatedly asked me to stay in Massachusetts. I was convinced moving would adversely affect her; this feeling was predominately due to her son and her family who told me, “You’re the best thing that has happened to her.” I renewed the lease with the optimistic attitude of a high-tech sales position. Esther had said she would be there for me if things went bad.

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