Stop Addiction Before It Starts

This blog–A Real American Dilemma–is meant to keep young people and adults from choosing a path of potential selfdestruction, death and creating baby victims of  Substance Use Disorder: yours and/or others!

We must educate young people and adults before they take the first snort, pill, injection, or glass. Once they are armed with the facts and taught the realities of the path that awaits them, it now becomes a choice–do I want this disease?

Reader, if you had to read about or witness:

  • the effects of homelessness and violence, one day at a time,
  • know about the deterioration of your organs,
  • knowingly kill or deform a baby,
  • and lose most of your peers, family and friends.

Would you stop yourself and others if you knew the contents of this blog before hand? If we save lives, even a percentage, through early REALITY education, we have succeeded.

Take Aways:

  • In this blog, I explore real experiences of addiction.
  • Education on the science and environmental effects of addiction.
  • Understand the smells, behavior, and hate from other people you will endure by becoming an Alcoholic and/or Drug User.
  • Solutions for treatment and prevention.
  • The ignorance of doctor’s, therapists, and psychologist on the FACTUAL realities of street life and treatments that are available NOW.

Note: NOW, is the time to work together and prevent young people and adults from deadly decisions, while protecting the unborn!  Let’s create solutions.

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The Most Vulnerable Victims of Addiction-Babies .

The people I, Brian Masters, have met suffer from depression, alcohol, heroin, pills, suicide, and a slow death. They are real people. Their actions tell potential addicts the reality of “choice.”

Note: America and other countries are realizing that Alcohol and Opiates are a threat to our young people and adults. Through “Addiction Reality Education: Real America Dilemma” I challenge the Government, Teacher Unions, Law Enforcement, and other organizations to take early action. My call is similar to what John F. Kennedy enacted in the 1960’s:

Read the challenge to the U.S. Executive Branch

One aspect of the path of Substance Use Disorder is about avoiding the subculture which reinforces substance abuse, its pain, and possible death. 

In my case, the events listed in How the Author’s Path Started – Brian Masters are what led me to being homeless and financially destitute. The journals I wrote touches all ages, genders, religions, cultures and nationalities. No matter what background a person comes from, the experiences have been very similar for all those that I have met.

I have changed people’s names, town names, and organization names.

Note: The people you meet in this blog–their backgrounds, and addictions–will be different from my path. As you read on, think about where you came from. When would it have been good to get help for the fear and anxiety that contribute to addiction? Better yet, add your experiences. 

I will continually update these issues and direct you to where they are mentioned and research that can help you.

Note: I will continue to add to this blog. Young people and adults will also share their experiences; we hope to learn and discourage people from taking the path of addiction. So please follow the blog to keep learning, and please add your comments and experience.