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Addiction-Reality-Education (A-R-E) purpose is to communicate real life effects of addiction on the common person and society. toThe blog is not a DARE or SCARED STRAIGHT program gone Internet/Blog. Brian Master’s intention is to provide real-life experiences that will help young people and adults understand the plight of the homeless (addicted or not); the effect of and cures for alcoholism, depression and drug addiction; these experiences often are combined with the subculture environment.

A-R-E will attempt to provide solutions for pre-addiction and those who are addicted.

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The names of individuals and the locations where these events took place have been changed to protect the privacy of Brian Masters, supporters, people in the journal and organizations.

Brian Masters says,

This blog and the book is my attempt to give back to the recovery community. The journal has provided me with a mirror of myself and events that sent me down this path. Should any person’s life be saved or path be turned due to the journal, then what I experienced has been worth it. I often said, and have been told, that no one would believe what you have been through; or I would say, “someone needs to let people know what is going on in the subculture; before it happens to you”.

The journal begins June 28th, 2014 and will continue until Brian Master’s has no more to say. The timeline contains violence, robbery, sex, misuse of the social system and much more. It also contains acts of kindness, business people who care, churches and people who dedicate their time, police who understand and act, EMTs who understand and act, and much more.

Note: Please pass the knowledge and intent of the blog and book to others.  The use of your network, Facebook, Twitter and other social media is greatly appreciated.

Brian Masters is a former director of sales at an information software company. He holds a Blackbelt in Kenpo karate and has trained since the age of 15. He grew up in central New York State, graduated from a private university, and has lived most of his adult life in a major metropolitan area of Boston.  As shown through the series of events chronicled in this blog and his in-progress book, he experienced divorce, joblessness, ill-health, near-death (virus from the OR), alcoholism, depression, and homelessness; all in 8 years.

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      1. If the street and shelter’s are not avoided, our body and your face
        are going to be scarred. Do you or anyone else want that especially if
        they naive.


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