Announcing New Additional Website for Medical Choices and Addiction – Homelessness Recovery

Hope all is well. I am excited to share this announcement of my new website,

After receiving emails and comments from individuals whose lives have been changed for the better because of the content of each book, I have decided to “take to the road” through speaking engagements and workshops. In the last month, Dan was motivated to stop drinking, took action, and remains alcohol-free. Chad got a second opinion, received the correct diagnosis, and thanked me for writing the book.

My two books tell true stories about people’s experiences that detail life’s tragiceventsand reveal how to cope, heal, and recover. The books in the series are Amazon’s #1 bestsellers and are intended to inspire hope and a better quality of life.

Whether it is a decision on which surgeon, hospital, physical rehab, or nursing home to choose (“Navigate the Medical Maze”) or how to deal with depression, substance abuse, and homelessness, (“Highway to Homelessness – Road to Recovery”) the website offers solutions.

Patients, doctors, surgeons, nurses, people on the street, and world experts in recovery have opened their hearts to me with their real-life storiesso I canhelp you, your family, and your friends!

Please review the site and let me know your thoughts, by clicking contact. I am available to speak on these topics withyour friends or colleagues. I truly believe the recommendations can change your life or the life of someone you know.

Descriptive information on speaking and workshops is found on the website,

Thank you,

William Reiley Butler

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