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I am going to run a series on a “Lion” who was raised from a lion cub by 2 men, in 1969, in Alaska. Friend of Carol’s sister. They all worked on the Alaska oil and gas pipeline together. Please read, it will make feel ready good. Bill

All the descriptions of the picture are from Denise and his friend.

Denise Bluestein

Worked at Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks3y

What are the most incredible displays of affection by animals to humans in history?

“Christian the lion was born in a Devon zoo on August 12,1969 but was rejected by his mother and at a few months of age, he was sold to Harrods, the prestigious London department store (how times have changed). John Rendall and Ace Bourke had just moved to London from Australia and while exploring their new city, came upon the great big kitty in the window at Harrods and brought him home to their flat and with the help of a couple of friends, took the greatest care of the cub.

When Christian was about a year old and getting bigger John and Ace ran an antique shop, made a cozy home for Christian below, while they lived atop the shop.

The Lion of London was permitted special access by a local vicar to run and play about at the Moravian church graveyard.

The 3 bonded deeply and spent a lot time together enjoying convertible car rides and day trips to the seaside”.

Link to see Christian via William’s facebook

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