New Book Announcement

NEW BOOK ANNOUNCEMENT “Highway to Homelessness – Road to Recovery” is the 3rd book by William Reiley Butler nonfiction book on Amazon.

A special price for purchasing the eBook will be sent to you this week. I will also send detail on the live October 14th launch.

The ebook has been released. The paperback on October 7th of 2022. The book is written so readers understand that life can throw negative life-changing events at an individual. Those adverse catalysts can be so bad that homelessness, trauma, and substance abuse becomes part of their life, and they must live on the street.

But, there are tools and a new way of life that an individual can use and implement that will help that person acquire a better quality of life. “Highway to Homelessness – Road to Recovery” follows Brian who experienced 5 of those catalysts and discovered 2 tools of recovery that got him off the street and back into a promising future.

I would like you to participate by viewing our launch on Oct 14th at 4 pm Est. More to follow.

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