NEW BOOK ANNOUNCEMENT ” to Highway to Homelessness – Road to Recovery” is the 3rd book by William Reiley Butler Nonfiction book on Amazon

The new book, to be released in October of 2022, is written so the readers can understand that life can through negative events at an individual. It can be so bad that homelessness and substance abuse becomes part of life by living on the street. BUT, there are people who care and action plans that, if implemented with focus, can help an individual to a better quality of life.

The book adjusts the use of William White and Dr. David Best’s’ Recovery Capital Scale and my 11 Point Action Plan for the homeless. William Reiley Butler has modified the William White’s original scale by adding categories of the statements which makes it easier to understand areas to improve and create more specific action plans to reach a better quality of life. The title of the Assessment Scale is “Recovery Capital Scale and Category Assessment.

Brian Masters created an 11 Point Action Plan for the homeless and substance abusers my set a foundation for a better quality of life. You will read events that brought a prosperous man into the streets. You will read and understand each life event that built a proven action plan in chapter.

Brian Masters – (pen name for William Reiley Butler)_ or

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