The Author Discusses Road to Addiction – Highways to Recovery

There is continual reinforcement for you to read and act upon the contents of this book. I have received emails that mentioned, that by understanding their situation, tough events can happen to anyone. Readers changed their course of life and started to live again.

Be My Guest 11 12 20 William Butler Authorand share it all with friends, family, and the world on

I have pasted my first TV interview which describes my intention to relay what Brian Masters experienced. The second interview needs you to click to the WCCATV link.

Protection from COVID 19 has forced men, women, children, and young adults into their homes and shelters. Depression and idol time which leads to excess drinking and use of drugs to fill the boredom.

Fight the urge with other activities and/or use moderation since there is no stopping you. Remember, this will end. Concentrate on what you will look like and be like when it is over. You owe it to yourself, friends, and family to be positive.

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