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Brian Masters wrote Roads to Addiction – Highways to Recovery: The Brian Masters Story to bring to light five life events that destroyed his world and sent him into homeless shelters and the street of another culture; the subculture. All the events, places, and people recounted in the book are real and happened. Although the events Masters recounts are from his life, the roads to addiction and highways to recovery could be anyone’s lifetime.  He was raised in Fayetteville-Manlius New York, now lives in Massachusetts, was an honor student of Syracuse University and a successful high technology sales executive before spiraling through a series of catastrophes including an acrimonious divorce, a life-threatening attack, capital market collapse, infections from medical procedures, and addiction. Creating eleven action plans, seeking support, rehabilitation, and the multiple pathway approach, he worked his way to recovery and a good quality of life. In his book, Brian shows how he achieved these goals and encourages the reader to do the same.                                                                                          

William Butler writing under the pseudonym of Brian Masters. He is a patron of FreeLancewiting, NY Book Editors, SMART, Spectrum Health Services – Recovery Connection, Hope.org and Saint Vincent DePaul of Marlborough Massachusetts. He and Dr. Gloria Jacobs produced a blog (www.addictionrealityeducation.com) that exposes the realities of substance use and promotes the uplifting results of potential medical solutions, referrals and the eleven action plans for those who are addicted, on the path of addiction, or have family or friends needing help.

brianmasters919@gmail.com – william-butler.com


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