Valuable Help for Addiction to Heroin and Opiates


It has been a long time posting to my website. This was due to infections in both hips, that were given to me during hip replacements. With the help of Newton Wellesley Orthopedic surgeons, the Infectious Disease doctor, and long antibiotic input and 4 more operations, we beat the infections and I can now get back to work.

I have been contacted by a group that is a must for a you, your friend or a family that must beat Heroin or opiate addiction. I will be writing more blogs following this one reinforcing the work that is doing nationwide.

I will start with the email that came to me months ago. The email is a perfect explanation of purpose for all of those in need.

Please read;

Brian Masters –

Hi Brian,

Thank you for writing back! I work with a group of medical professionals here at and based on conversations we have had with communities across the US, the vast majority of people who need treatment for opiods or heroin abuse do not seek it. Part of the reason is that those who are dependent on opiates often don’t relate to the term “addict.” Many keep using just to avoid severe withdrawal symptoms, not to get a euphoric high. Eventually, many progress to heroin because it is cheap and easy to obtain. So, we created a guide that provides comprehensive information on topics like the various faces of addiction, how to get help, and the different types of treatments that are available.

You can learn more about our guide here:

We would appreciate the opportunity to collaborate with you to share this free guide anywhere on your website, as it would be of tremendous value to your readers and those who are suffering from opioid or heroin addiction in your community.

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