See the Visual Effects on the Brain from Substance Use and Trama-Do you have the guts?

Do you have the guts to actually view the newest SPECT’s of the brain from:

  • Substance Use
  • Trama
  • BiPolar Disorder
  • PMS
  • PTSD
  • and more?

One of the partners of Addiction-Reality-Education (A-R-E) is the Amen Clinic. I was sent their latest views of a normal brain compared to a brain affected by different outside factors. The most common factors for the population would be Alcohol, Marijuana, PMS, PTSD, Meth, Trama, etc..

See Views of the Brain by Use and Events on the Amen Clinic website.

What brought me to create, with the assistance of Dr. Virginia Dwyer, was to understand why I experienced two years of lack of cognitive reasoning and control. Was the catalyst for substance use the multiple hits in the head by a man wanting me dead during my divorce in 2007/08 (diagnosis – Situational Anxiety/form of PTSD) or in 2011, the 2 induced coma’s and 3 blood transfusions by the hospital, to keep my body alive, while they attempted to attack the infection they gave me. These actual events, the people, and information are written in the blog posts and a book to be published soon.

Note: I point these events out strictly to draw attention to the fact other readers can identify from their own circumstances. Example: concussions, PTSD, anxiety, coma, etc. Now, my motivation with and The Book is to help people understand, modify, and abstain through reality and education.

Sample from the website:

A brain affected by marijuana use.  Image from Alcohol and Drug Abuse | Amen Clinics
There is quite a bit of scientific literature about the harmful physiological effects of alcohol and drug abuse on the brain. 

A HEALTHY BRAIN: On SPECT, the surface of a healthy brain looks smooth with full and symmetrical blood flow and activity. This tells us that the brain is working the way it is supposed to.  A brain like the one shown in the picture has lower blood flow in key areas. This tells us something is wrong.

Note: Dr. Amen’s site illustrates that abstinence from outside factors or therapy will reverse the damage. For more information, see my post, Abstinence after one year

This post allows me to take what I experienced on the street and education from others like Dr. Barbara Mason, and Dr. Amen Amen’s Brain SPECT to address what I pledged to do: “Someone needs to let people know what is going on out here, before it happens to them;” and “No one would believe what I have been through!”

Well, take a look! I grew up in the era of the counter-culture generation and free speech. Now technology allows us the luxury seeing a whole new world of the brain. Users, parents, teachers, friends, partners, and leaders take a look and share it. Then you can develop your own consensus about substance use, discuss this topic, debate, and argue.

Brian Masters

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