Once You Experienced It, in any way, Then you have an Understanding/Chance to Help

Note: I have not posted in over a month and I apologize. In the first few posts of 2015, I mentioned I would be writing a book. I said the book would contain my experiences (see About the Author and His Intent), the contents of my journals, descriptions of others’ experiences, and discussion about the Subculture, the Health System, and much more. Recently, I also have been working with a charitable society, helping people get back on their feet; this is the same charitable society that helped me, and now I am giving back. Time flew by, as they say. When I think about my work in the street, still being on the street, the political ads to save addicts, and my actual, introduction to the system as described in my journals, a common denominator came to light. This common denominator must be sent to the Political Engines and Money Organizations. I thought I would share it with you. 

The people that I have met in the last 4 months want to help people in need, and they will overextend themselves to do it. They are giving back! The phrase, “giving back” has infinite meanings but the simple explanation is “helping people.” These volunteers want  to change someone’s life for the better. A majority of the volunteers I have spoken with lost their money in the 2000’s, have had depression, have had a family member die from homelessness or drugs,…the descriptions drag on.

Note: “The past is real, the future is real but what is not real is what we are going to do about it!”

When I opened my journals to start the second section of the book, I was stunned at what I had written and experienced in June and July of 2014. I was a man, who had very specific needs that were explained in detail to the doctors and nurses before self-commitment; I was then locked in a ward of 14 people. Some were banging their heads against a wall, another was threatening to kill, two were individuals who had attempted suicide by jumping from a bridge and another by slicing his wrist, and others had other diverse problems. My need was detox and understanding depression in order to stop uncontrolled drinking.

Since we started the website, Addiction-Reality-Education, we have shared real medical solutions from people who have touched the symptoms and disease of substance abuse. Although their names have been changed, they still risk exposing their past and experiences in order to help. It is their experiences and contributions from the sciences that people will read or use. See The Real Purpose of A-R-E

Example: As the Yale Medical 90 Results show, 90 day mandatory or voluntary medical institutionalization for specific drug abuse problems, does work. But the horrendous inclusion of illnesses which can never be controlled, diagnosed, treated, and released within 15 to 30 days is a SICK health system and will not work.

What does this mean? There is no answer, but there is a fact.  Positive results for addiction treatment have come from those who have seen or touched the disease. Whether it has been from family, friends, their own illness that they recognize, or just unfortunate events in life, there are people who understand. These are the people who must advise the political and money organizations. These are the people who must be one level from the top and one level over the implementation of the solutions.

Mike Garrison and I were at Father Bill’s shelter in Quincy, Massachusetts the month Governor-elect Baker, visited. I slept on a mat in the dinning room, on a cold floor; I was lucky enough to be granted a bed among men who stole my shirt; I was lucky enough to walk into the shower with shit on the floor; I was lucky enough to catch Pneumonia and beg to be taken to Quincy Hospital; and I was lucky enough to watch a friend, Paul, sent out into one of the 2015 Nor’esters, with Spring clothes on, because he did not check his cell phone at the desk. I never saw Paul again. Gov.-elect Baker visits shelter

Organization heads who set directions and have the money, including the politicians who visit shelters (such as Governor Baker from Massachusetts and Governor Hassan of New Hampshire), do nothing unless they engage the people who have touched the reality of the street and the wards; not just talk and have pictures taken of beds with sheets and people who smell good. Only then will positive results from the millions of dollars spent be seen in this decade.

Massachusetts and New Hampshire are just two states in the United States; I’m sure you can easily see the same in you own states.

By publicizing the work of knowledgeable people through social media, these effective ideas may take root and show merit. Please help A-R-E do just that.

Brian Masters


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