Visual of the Destruction of Our Brain on Alcohol or Drugs

In July of 2014, I was fortunate to take classes addressing the effect of drugs and alcohol on the body. For decades, I had sold analytical software, so it was very important for me to dissect the reasons for my problems and predict the outcome. While being educated about the latest findings of alcohol and drug use, images similar to the ones below were shown. It was the “hit in the head” I needed that inspired me to learn more and stop the destruction.

It is education that can help us cure the disease in ourselves, in my opinion. Images such as these, combined with other medical findings, group meeting such as AA, and therapy convinced me we have light at the end of the tunnel. For example, see Hope: Gabapentine is a Treatment for Alcohol Abuse. A successful portfolio of investments must be diversified for a positive future return; similarly, the actions we take to cure our disease must be diversified to stop the future destruction of our brain (and body). Please pass these images to young adults so we stop the destruction before it happens.

Man: just look at the images of reduced brain activity!!

Note: The pictures can be shocking when you have never seen them before. These images of the brain do not mean this is what your brain looks like. But this blog deals with the reality of our actions–whether those actions are genetic and/or from environmental events. Should the disease be genetic, these images should motivate you to find a cure before taking a snort, a pill, a drink, or a needle. These images are from the Amen Clinic Inc. (I am not endorsing this clinic; I am simply acknowledging where these images come from)


Picture healthy_CSPictures DrugsLong Standing Alcohol

Image from

Notice how the alcohol and drug damaged brains look at lot like a brain of someone with Alzheimer’s Disease!

I hope these images say it all and have a positive impact. I will continue to provide information in any media form to help you, your friends, family members, and soul mates.

Brian Masters

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