Blackouts: Death, Jail or Life

Young people and adults choosing the path of alcoholism, heroin, and other drugs have to be educated about “Blackouts.” Those who have experienced blackouts wish that they never had them; at least I do.

The definition of Blackouts: “A blackout is a loss of memory caused by excessive alcohol intake or drug use. These substances cause disruption to the ability of the brain to form long-term memories.” Google

Note: Your life or another’s life is in danger with a “walking” blackout. It is as if you are the walking dead. During a Blackout, you may walk, talk, and even look OK, but your actions and results of your actions are real–especially if you are driving.

When you hit bottom, it is important to fit in to survive around the subculture. In March of 2014, I moved into a boarding house. I was immediately challenged; as Lazy, put it, “I can smell and feel a cop a mile away”.  They thought I was an undercover cop, due to my walk, talk, and dress. So, to fit in, I accepted two drinks with the men and women from room 203, 205, and 206. Before loading the clothes into the dryer, I entered a Blackout. I had been set up and drugged.

The next memory I have is being handcuffed by the Rothville police and arrested for disturbing the peace. Off to jail. While at the jail, I decided to fight the police due to hallucinations–guess who won. These actions put me into the Rothville Hospital for observation.

While in the waiting room of the hospital, the police wanted to know what happened. By this time, my memory started to kick in and I realized that something additional had to be in the drinks. These drinks, and whatever was in them, were provided by my new “friends” in the Subculture.  Remember, members of the subculture have no friends. See my post, Hit Bottom? Live with It!

Unknown to me, a police officer who knew the town was listening to my explanation and told me that I had dodged a bullet. The hotel and those members of the subculture were well known. Bail was paid and charges were dropped. The law helped me. See my post, Police can be Saviors.

Note: However, having never been arrested before, I now had a police record. My actions were not those of the Brian Masters I thought I was, but there was no backing out of the actions and its results.

My true friend, Mike Garrison, said, “It was your fault, not your so called new friends.” I argued, “Why!” His answer was, “You took the first drink”.

See: The Real People you Read About

Note: In recovery, the doctors teach: The idea you have moves to an action which becomes a result.

Back in the 50s and 60s, Hollywood acknowledged the Blackout. There’s a movie called The Big Blackout. You can watch it on YouTube. Notice the cure he took to eliminate Blackouts.  A summary of the movie is on IMDd.

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