Police can be Saviors

If you take the path of homelessness and addiction, you will be in dangerous situations with the law: Either needing the law’s help or breaking the law. Living In a Shelter or Safe House: Good and Bad

As I mentioned in an earlier blog, the police have played an important positive role in a few of my more dangerous experiences. I’m not the only one. Here are two real life examples of police assisting homeless in need.

Police Officer gives a homeless man his boots.

Police Officer shares a meal with a homeless man.

Note: In the book, I detail six instances where local police came to my aid. For example: In January of 2015, I was locked out of a shelter in Quasqueton, Massachusetts. Three young men saw a me pulling a suitcase in the dark; I was looking for shelter in zero degree weather.  I fought. but the winner was clear. Then the Quasqueton police arrived. We gathered my suitcase and broken glasses. The officers took me to the local hospital for stitches and a cleanup. It was at this time, the officers called the shelter that locked me out. They drove me to the shelter door and I was given a spot on the floor. I call that first scar, “Captain Hook”. 

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