Moving and Sex – Poor Decision

In late 2013, I moved out of my apartment in Amnything because I had run out of money. This was the time to move back to New York State and stay with friends and family. I had approximately $18,000 dollars left out of $400,000 in cash and real estate. But I delayed my decision due to my relationship with Esther Blackman from Unionville The Real People you Read About. Esther was a lady I thought I needed–no drama. She became dependent on my friendship and repeatedly asked me to stay in Massachusetts. I was convinced moving would adversely affect her; this feeling was predominately due to her son and her family who told me, “You’re the best thing that has happened to her.” I renewed the lease with the optimistic attitude of a high-tech sales position. Esther had said she would be there for me if things went bad.

My comments come from a man’s perspective. The feeling and actions taken are equally true for women and significant other partnerships.

Note: The takeaway is you must do what is right for yourself!! Others have their own agenda, and it could be at your expense. Your focus should be, “what is right” for you and good for your mind and body. Once you commit yourself to understanding yourself and what went wrong, you will see that sexual relationships do play a significant role. For example, who hurt me? Who did I hurt? Worldwide organizations address this issue as well as out-patient hospitals inside and outside Boston.

In hindsight, not moving was the wrong decision! The cash flow would last just so long between rent, cell, car insurance, storage costs, food, and drinks. By May, I had to store everything I had at a reputable storage facility and move into the car. Being able to store personal items from my son growing up and important other documents would later mean a lot to the family. The storage of these items are an outstanding example of the good in individuals and/or businesses; even when you are down and out and they know a comeback will probably not happen. 

Note: Never give up hope on people.

I floated between friends, family, and the car. The magnitude of depression and drinking increased.

In May of 2014, I needed to do something drastic and clean up my act.

Note: We all have turning points in our lives. If we do not see it coming, we can be affected much more severely. So learn to see it from my notes. This holds true for all walks of life, sex, and nationality; everything is relative. As I experienced it, you should still have people who care for you. Time goes on and people (and organizations) will reach out and help you. This would have been the time to get help and attack the depression and addiction head on.

Now came some wrong decisions.

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