Definitions of “Subculture” and what it means in my experience


A cultural group within a larger culture, often having beliefs or interests at variance with those of the larger culture. From Google.

A culture derived from another culture. An ethnic, economic, or social group exhibiting characteristic patterns of behavior sufficient to distinguish it from others within an embracing culture or society. From Merriam-Webster.

A group within a society that has its own shared set of customs, attitudes, and values. Often accompanied by jargon or slang. From

A Real American Dilemma

A subculture should be seen as a combination of the definitions above. A subculture is a group of men, women, and children who share their own habits, attitudes, ethics, and behavior. In this blog and in my book, I talk about a subculture of people who have a common bond for a need of alcohol, drugs, money, food, or a roof over their head. The subculture’s activities and needs are often at the expense of their own mental rationality, physical degeneration, or integrity.

Look at the Bonnie and Clyde” from Massachusetts who are robbing banks on the east coast. It is to fuel their Heroin addiction.

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