1. “I gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which I must stop and look fear in the face – I say to myself, I’ve lived through this and can take the next thing that comes along – We must do the things we think we cannot do”. Eleanor Roosevelt

2. ” I never notice what has been done. I only see what remains to be done.” Madam Curie

3. “I never hated a man enough to give him his diamonds back.” Zsa Zsa Gabor

4. “Success to me is having ten honeydew melons and eating only half of each one.” Barbara Streisand

We will send some every day till we run out. Bill Butler

Announcing New Additional Website for Medical Choices and Addiction – Homelessness Recovery

Hope all is well. I am excited to share this announcement of my new website,

After receiving emails and comments from individuals whose lives have been changed for the better because of the content of each book, I have decided to “take to the road” through speaking engagements and workshops. In the last month, Dan was motivated to stop drinking, took action, and remains alcohol-free. Chad got a second opinion, received the correct diagnosis, and thanked me for writing the book.

My two books tell true stories about people’s experiences that detail life’s tragiceventsand reveal how to cope, heal, and recover. The books in the series are Amazon’s #1 bestsellers and are intended to inspire hope and a better quality of life.

Whether it is a decision on which surgeon, hospital, physical rehab, or nursing home to choose (“Navigate the Medical Maze”) or how to deal with depression, substance abuse, and homelessness, (“Highway to Homelessness – Road to Recovery”) the website offers solutions.

Patients, doctors, surgeons, nurses, people on the street, and world experts in recovery have opened their hearts to me with their real-life storiesso I canhelp you, your family, and your friends!

Please review the site and let me know your thoughts, by clicking contact. I am available to speak on these topics withyour friends or colleagues. I truly believe the recommendations can change your life or the life of someone you know.

Descriptive information on speaking and workshops is found on the website,

Thank you,

William Reiley Butler

Christian the Lion’s Movie Career and Last Reunion with John and Ace

Christian the Lion movie career and last reunion with John and Ace.

The director of the “Born Free” made the documentary “filmed Christian the Lion, John, and Ace for the documentary Christian, The Lion at World’s End.

2 years later, in 1973 John and Ace decided to visit Christian again. George had not seen Christian around the compound for 9 months but the pair were committed to this second visit.

Coincidence? The day before John and Ace were set to arrive for visit #2, Christian et al returned to the compound!

By this time, Christian had doubled in size. had cubs of his own, and was defending his own growing pride.

Although mostly unfilmed, here is a brief description of the moving second reunion;

We called him and he stood up and started to walk towards us very slowly. Then, as if he had become convinced it was us, he ran towards us, threw himself on to us, knocked us over, knocked George over and hugged us, like he used to, with his paws on our shoulders.

Notice the difference in his mane? As a cub in the pics above, Christian isn’t sporting his mane yet, but looky here….he’s a big boy now!

Tv picture:

This last visit was a sleepover. It ended in the morning. George has not seen Christian around the compound since late Spring 1973’s reunion.

Christian the Lion’s baby pic…

reunion with Ace and John.

I hope you enjoyed the true story about John, Ace, and Christian the Lion. Now back to Life’s Realities LLC and my 2 books. William Reiley Butler



True story from the writing of men who raised Christian. “One day quite by coincidence, the actors from the movie Born Free popped into the antique shop where they met Christian, who was getting very big and although he was living a charmed life, it was thought that he would not fare well, long term, in a city environment.
The actors suggested that John and Ace consult with George Adamson to rehabilitate Christian into the African wild. George was a British conservationist and an advocate of lions in Kenya, who together with his wife, Joy, raised and released Elsa the lioness from the movie Born Free. The couple agreed to reintegrate Christian into the wild at their compound in the Kora National Reserve.

George had even selected a small lion pride to which Christian could join when he was ready.
Christian’s small pride suffered many challenges over the first year including losing its leader. Christian, convertible passenger, seaside stroller and all-around good cat became head of his own pride.
George shared the successful reintegration of Christian with John and Ace who missed their furry friend so they planned a visit and were filmed for the documentary Christian, The Lion at World’s End. The men were cautioned that Christian may not remember them.
This was not the case – Christian remembered”!

Next, the final contact and Christian the Lion go into movie history.

Provided by William Reiley Butler for you heart felt entertainment.

Follow Christian the Lion Cub – A Real Born Free – feel good


I am going to run a series on a “Lion” who was raised from a lion cub by 2 men, in 1969, in Alaska. Friend of Carol’s sister. They all worked on the Alaska oil and gas pipeline together. Please read, it will make feel ready good. Bill

All the descriptions of the picture are from Denise and his friend.

Denise Bluestein

Worked at Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks3y

What are the most incredible displays of affection by animals to humans in history?

“Christian the lion was born in a Devon zoo on August 12,1969 but was rejected by his mother and at a few months of age, he was sold to Harrods, the prestigious London department store (how times have changed). John Rendall and Ace Bourke had just moved to London from Australia and while exploring their new city, came upon the great big kitty in the window at Harrods and brought him home to their flat and with the help of a couple of friends, took the greatest care of the cub.

When Christian was about a year old and getting bigger John and Ace ran an antique shop, made a cozy home for Christian below, while they lived atop the shop.

The Lion of London was permitted special access by a local vicar to run and play about at the Moravian church graveyard.

The 3 bonded deeply and spent a lot time together enjoying convertible car rides and day trips to the seaside”.

Link to see Christian via William’s facebook

New Book Announcement

NEW BOOK ANNOUNCEMENT “Highway to Homelessness – Road to Recovery” is the 3rd book by William Reiley Butler nonfiction book on Amazon.

A special price for purchasing the eBook will be sent to you this week. I will also send detail on the live October 14th launch.

The ebook has been released. The paperback on October 7th of 2022. The book is written so readers understand that life can throw negative life-changing events at an individual. Those adverse catalysts can be so bad that homelessness, trauma, and substance abuse becomes part of their life, and they must live on the street.

But, there are tools and a new way of life that an individual can use and implement that will help that person acquire a better quality of life. “Highway to Homelessness – Road to Recovery” follows Brian who experienced 5 of those catalysts and discovered 2 tools of recovery that got him off the street and back into a promising future.

I would like you to participate by viewing our launch on Oct 14th at 4 pm Est. More to follow.

NEW BOOK ANNOUNCEMENT ” to Highway to Homelessness – Road to Recovery” is the 3rd book by William Reiley Butler Nonfiction book on Amazon

The new book, to be released in October of 2022, is written so the readers can understand that life can through negative events at an individual. It can be so bad that homelessness and substance abuse becomes part of life by living on the street. BUT, there are people who care and action plans that, if implemented with focus, can help an individual to a better quality of life.

The book adjusts the use of William White and Dr. David Best’s’ Recovery Capital Scale and my 11 Point Action Plan for the homeless. William Reiley Butler has modified the William White’s original scale by adding categories of the statements which makes it easier to understand areas to improve and create more specific action plans to reach a better quality of life. The title of the Assessment Scale is “Recovery Capital Scale and Category Assessment.

Brian Masters created an 11 Point Action Plan for the homeless and substance abusers my set a foundation for a better quality of life. You will read events that brought a prosperous man into the streets. You will read and understand each life event that built a proven action plan in chapter.

Brian Masters – (pen name for William Reiley Butler)_ or

Updated 11 Point Action Plan for Homelessness and Substance Abuse Recovery

Readers, times have changed. Homelessness has become rampant in the United States and other countries. Along with the street people and tent homes addiction complements the problem for these people.

For those who want to try for a better quality of life, I have written an new book, “Highway to Homelessness – Road to Recovery” which will be released in October 2022. Years ago I created and published The 11 Point Action Plan which can be used for the homeless as well as those suffering from substance abuse.

The action plan set a foundation for getting off the street and steps to addiction recovery. These action plan points have been proven by my recovery and others. William White, a world renown recovery consultant, speaker, and author has reviewed the 11 Point Action Plan and has agreed that if there is an action plan which complements his work, this is it.

My book, “Highway to Homelessness – Road to Recovery” contains my action plan and William White and Dr. David Best’s Recovery Capital Scale for measurement of an individual’s progress. William White’s comments in the book describing the Capital Scale’s benefit is:

“Recovery Capital and using the Recovery Capital Scale by William White and William Cloud and currently active through Dr. David Best. Just like financial capital, the “capital” in Recovery Capital consists of the assets and resources you need to improve your quality of life and achieve normalcy. By giving honest answers to the scale’s thirty-five statements, you will discover the strengths and weaknesses of your situation. When you find out the flaw, you can create and implement action plans to correct them, thereby improving your “scale score.”

The new book (my 3rd book) details the progress that “Brian Masters” experiences after being a successful business man whose 5 life changing events make him homeless, on the street, living in shelters, public housing, and depression intensifies substance abuse. I present to you the 11 Point Action Plan to create a base for recovering a good quality of life. The book details each part of Brian Master’s experiences so readers can identify and incorporate actions plans for the readers recovery.

 11 Point Action Plan and a Better Quality of Life

“While I was homeless, I struggled to regain control of my life. Eventually, I came to see homeless life in shelters as an opportunity to work with the people at the Serenity Center and research the actions that could provide hope and lead to self-improvement. Strangely, my circumstance allowed me to reflect, document, and analyze how I ended up where I was. By taking on a serious project with a website and book, I created “Action Plans,” which, in any combination, will establish a beachhead to normalcy”.

My desire for recovery prompted me to create 11 Action Plans for a new quality of life. Making these action plans can help you too. As time went on and I acted on specific plans. I researched other tools espoused by other professionals such as AA, SMART RECOVERY, Yale University Medical School, William White, and Dr. David Best. These actions are intended to help create a foundation for eventual recovery and leave homelessness behind. Each plan has its breakdown of “who, what, where, and when.” These are my 11 Point Action Plans:

Highway to Homelessness – Road to Recovery 11-Point Action Plan:

  1. 90 days of mandatory or self-committed institutionalization. Attend ongoing classes, meetings, and online recovery websites without any substance use other than doctor-prescribed medication. The brain needs to reset itself.
  2. Reliable and consistent transportation. (Car, friends, metro, walking)
  3. Look for and utilize every resource offered by the federal and state government and recovery resource centers while using community housing, food options, work for state reimbursement, and food stamps (SNAP).
  4. Engage close friends and family for support who are not enablers or socially connected with substance users. This is over and above a sponsor.
  5. Remove yourself from the town, city, state, friends, and family that trigger substance use.
  6. Separate yourself from all those who use inconsistent and/or unsupported paths until you are self-assured that sobriety has returned. Continue to attend scheduled onsite and virtual recovery meetings. Engage in therapy and psychiatric support.
  1. With the support of a physician, experiment with medicine that may assist in cognitive realization.
  2. Find housing with substance-free family, friends, or housing organizations.
  3. Work and/or volunteer in substance-free organizations, and religious establishments, and/or turn to a Higher Power for understanding(s). KEEP BUSY
  4. Understand life’s “triggers” and seek therapy to neutralize the pain and memories that might keep you trapped in the past or contributors to homelessness and substance abuse.
  5. Create and implement a financial support plan, including a budget you can live on. With the use of transportation mentioned in number 2 and acquire stable work. For example, $16/hour for a 40-hour week will net $2,560 per month.

Note: Give yourself a minimum of one (1) year of self-control before considering a partner.

If you combine any of the above actions that work for you, you can have a better quality of life going forward. If that happens, this book and the accompanying website ( Addiction-Reality-Education” will have achieved their goals”.

It may help you work with the 11 Point Action Plan by partnering with an advocate or clinical recovery professional.

Please feel free to email your comments to or use “

The Author Discusses Road to Addiction – Highways to Recovery

There is continual reinforcement for you to read and act upon the contents of this book. I have received emails that mentioned, that by understanding their situation, tough events can happen to anyone. Readers changed their course of life and started to live again.

Be My Guest 11 12 20 William Butler Authorand share it all with friends, family, and the world on

I have pasted my first TV interview which describes my intention to relay what Brian Masters experienced. The second interview needs you to click to the WCCATV link.

Protection from COVID 19 has forced men, women, children, and young adults into their homes and shelters. Depression and idol time which leads to excess drinking and use of drugs to fill the boredom.

Fight the urge with other activities and/or use moderation since there is no stopping you. Remember, this will end. Concentrate on what you will look like and be like when it is over. You owe it to yourself, friends, and family to be positive.

I suggest you read “william white’s blog” and comment on my website:

Smile on,